NES Emulator for Xtron Pro

Xtron Pro can be used to make your own games in MakeCode Arcade, it also supports to run NES games.

NES emulator uf2 file

Connect your Xtron Pro to your computer with USB-C cable, click reset button to enter bootloader mode, download the following uf2 file and drag it to XTRON drive.


Install NES ROMs

Xtron Pro can not receive .nes file directly, you should firstly convert them to Xtron Pro compatible format. We provide a web convertor.

Uf2 Convertor

Step 1

Select output extension as nes, and upload an nes file.

Step 2

After the nes file is converted, there will be a download button, chick it to download the converted file.

Step 3

Reset your Xtron Pro to bootloader, and drag the converted file to XTRON drive.

Run ROMs

Click reset button to put your Xtron Pro into bootloader mode, select the xtron-nesemu firmware to enter the emulator, and select your ROM to start.

Key Mapping

the < key is mapped to SELECT and the ||| key is mapped to START.