Xtron Pro bootloader supports unicode filename

The Xtron Pro bootloader only supports ASCII characters by default. If you want to display the UNICODE file name, you need to download a specific unicode font library.

Learn Unicode

As the unicode.org website writes "Everyone in the world should be able to use their own language on phones and computers." , now you can display your own language on Xtron Pro with our unicode font library.

First, let's learn more about unicode.


Note that the non-ASCII characters are displayed as '?' by default. After downloading the font library, the file browsing speed in the bootloader menu may slow down, depending on the language of your file name. If your language code is at the back, the font reading will be slower.

Connect your Xtron Pro to your computer with USB-C cable, click reset button to enter bootloader mode, download the following font library uf2 file and drag it to XTRON drive.



Now that you have successfully downloaded the font library to Xtron Pro, you can save the game name in any language and download the game to see the effect.